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Hello and welcome to Bombshelter Lite, the incarnation of the Shinra Bombshelter being used until a server can be found for the original. We would like to take this time to apologize for the lack of updates having occured in this version of the site ... for information on the future of the site, read on ...

Last update

Perry, Joe, Moglehem and a small group of Moogles cart the shack that once held the Shinra Bombshelter Lite off to some point in the distance.

Joe: I can't believe that great hosting offer came up hust a day after our final climactic confrontation with Xoom ! What luck!

Perry: Stuff like that happens around me a lot, you know.

Moglehem: Was it just me or did that server admin we made the deal with smell like brimstone?

Perry: Don't knock it. It's the best deal I've ever heard.

Everyone looks at Perry in a concerned way ...

Perry: I didn't have to sign anything in blood, if that's what you're wondering. Actually, I didn't have to sign anything. I don't think this fellow believes in paperwork.


 Joe and Moglehem: AWRIIIIIIGHT! Yeeeeah! Whoo!

Moglehem: Suspicions withdrawn. Let's go.

Perry: <waves to the cambot> Greetings, everyone! We're in the process of moving to our NEW home at http://www.sapphirewired.com/caffeine. Stay tuned to that address for further status updates!

Once the group exits the scene, the young Xoombie from before enters from the other side. His necktie now has a stripe which denotes his recent promotion to Xoom sysadmin. He is carrying a signpost in one hand and a hammer and rolled-up piece of paper in the other. Setting to work, he hammers the sign into the exact spot where the Shinra Bombshelter Lite shack stood, and applies the paper to it.

Paper: <wanted poster-esque; shows a picture of Perry and reads as follows ...>  NOT WANTED. By order of the Head of Policy Enforcement, a $25,000 fine will be levied against anyone who pursues this man or his associates for policy infringement in any way. Also note, due to the recent merger with NBC, the military wing of Xoom Policy Enforcement will be shut down and its workers reallocated; turn in your weapons at the front desk within three days. This is not a game. Thank you.

Young Xoombie: <looks at it> ... Perfect! <he wipes back his hair and for just a second we see a passing resemblance to Perry Shinra> Awright ... time to go reset some servers ... <walks off>

The site has been closed in anticipation of the merger site going up at http://www.sapphirewired.com/caffeine. From here on out, everyone is to stay tuned to that site for status iinformation. See you there!

-Perry Shinra

  people have had to put up with this version of the site. Thank you, all.  
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